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Hawaii’s Mountain Apples

If you were born/raised in Hawaii, you probably grew up eating Mountain Apples on occasion…often coming across a wild tree while hiking in the Ko’olau Mountains or if you’re lucky, you have a tree in your backyard.  I was not born or raised in Hawaii, but first tasted the deliciousness of a Mountain Apple while hiking to Ka’u Crater.  To me, they resemble the texture and taste of a pear, with a hint of pine. 😛  I am lucky to have friends who have a Mountain Apple tree in their yard, and was able to pick several recently and indulge in the deliciousness.  Here are a few photos I snapped of the unique fruits…

Although the tree resembles any other fruit tree, the fruits are bizarre to look at – some growing (like normal) out of twigs while others grow straight out of the side of large branches.

Ohia Ai Hawaii

Mountain Apples or O’hia ‘Ai growing on tree, Oahu, Hawaii.

The fresh-picked fruit are vivid in color, but do not last long, so eat up!

Ohia Ai Fruit

Fresh-picked ripe Mountain Apple fruit, Oahu, Hawaii.

Fruit O'hia 'Ai

Sliced Mountain Apple Fruit, Oahu, Hawaii.

Next time you are hiking in the mountains of Hawaii, be sure to look out for one of these trees!  Check out more photos at:


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